Verified Ecosystem

Each Insights Network user is KYC approved and issued a committed value to the blockchain that allows participation in our network.

Primarily, we are serving two types of users: those who request data, which we call requesters, and those who provide it, which we call providers.


Requesters are typically organizations, but anyone can buy INSTAR tokens and use them to submit a request for data to the Insights Network. Data Requesters want to be able to collect data that is:

  1. Relevant​

    They want to be able to gather data from specific populations, for example, only those between the ages of 20 to 35.

  2. Trustworthy​

    The data that is collected is free from fraud. That is, the data is collected from targeted providers who have provided their data honestly. For example, requesters expect their surveys to be answered truthfully by their target demographic, and not say, a bot.

  3. Timely and convenient

    Requesters should be able to get answers to their questions quickly without worrying about the details of how to reach their target demographic. By using smart contracts, which execute transactions between anonymous parties, users will be able to sell their data without disclosing their identity, only broad demographic information.


Providers are users who comply with a data request by providing data; the ones who fit a data requesters’ target demographic are compensated for their data in INSTAR tokens. Data Providers want assurance of the following:

  1. Consent

    Their data is not collected without their explicit permission.

  2. Privacy

    Sensitive information, such as who they are, is not provided, only broad demographic details.

  3. Payment

    They are paid for the data they provide.

  4. Security

    Their data is handled securely. Traditional marketing research firms collect data over a fixed period of time and provide a single report to their clients. On our platform, requesters would never have to close their request for data.

Insights Network Verified Ecosystem

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