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Blockchain Based Data
Exchange Visual Guide

Learn about blockchain based data exchange and what sets it apart

Unlike traditional solutions with no proof, Insights Network campaign results are transparently displayed for verification using blockchain technology. This protects researches and organizations from inaccurate results and data brokerage abuse.

What you will learn from this eBook

Requesters want

  1. Current issues within the data industry and how data is collected

    The current landscape of the data industry is non transparent, linked to identity, and not consumer friendly. Many data points are collected in a non transparent and unethical way.

  2. How Blockchain-based technology can help provide better data

    Blockchain technology can help ensure that data is collected is free from fraud. That is, the data is collected from targeted providers who have provided their data honestly. For example, requesters expect their surveys to be answered truthfully by their target demographic, and not say, a bot.

  3. What both data requesters and data providers want

    Data Requesters should be able to get answers to their questions quickly without worrying about the details of how to reach their target demographic. Data Providers should benefit from selling their data without disclosing their identity, only broad demographic information when they consent.

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