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Connect your organization with the people who matter the most for private and secure data exchange using blockchain technology.

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Our blockchain-based technology leads the way when it comes to market research and engagement software for your organization.

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Targeted blockchain-based market research on our verified network

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Voice (SaaS)

Create blockchain-based surveys for your own panel

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Listen (SaaS)

Employee engagement with blockchain technology

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One Dashboard to control your research and engagement needs

One Dashboard to control your research and engagement needs


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Private Data with Blockchain Verifiable Results

Traditional options encrypt all user data and survey data, however they manage the encryption keys
and can decrypt and sift through all of the data in their servers.

Blockchain verifiable results with transaction IDs

Blockchain technology is used to transparently record and display transaction IDs. This ensures that each of your transactions has really ocurred.

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Private data-one time pad

Our solutions utilize a one-time encryption pad so that only the end user who exports their data can do so once with their one-time pad.

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On chain reputation scores and payments

On chain reputation is used to improve accuracy and targeting options over time. Settlement friction is removed and payment history is recorded and fully transparent.

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